Ultrasonic Pipette Washer SONOREX PR 140 D

Bandelin  Ultrasonic Pipette Washer SONOREX PR 140 D
Ultrasonic pipette washer for aqueous cleaning solutions.

Items supplied:
Pipette washer PR 140 D, pipette basket K 140 B (plastic), lid D 140 D made of st. steel, cleaning concentrate TICKOPUR R 33 5 l and TICKOPUR R 27 1 l.
Oscillating tank
Interior dimensions (L x W x D):

150 x 150 x 895 mm
Operable depth of cylinder:
Volume up to filling mark:
850 mm
9 to 18 l
Technical Data

4 PZT large area transducers, lateral assembly
HF generator:
Operating mode:
overload protected, constant power - SweepTec®
double half-wave
Frequency:35 kHz, automatic frequency control
Ultrasonic peak output:
HF power:
800 W, corresponds to 4 times HF output
200 Weff
Current consumption:
Mains connection:
230 V, 1.0 A
230 V~ (± 10 %), alternatively 115 V~ (± 10 %), 50 / 60 Hz
Fixed power cable:
Leakage current:
2 m long
< 0.5 mA
Exterior dimensions (L x W x H):330 x 330 x 1003 mm
Weight:19.5 kg
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Caution: do not use combustible liquids, acids, chemicals containing chloride ions and household cleaners. Do not place items on the tank bottom. Special cleaning agent TICKOPUR.