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Xpress Blotting Kit for Western Blotting

Kit for fast semi-dry Western blotting of 10 vertical mini SDS PAGE gels on PVDF membrane. SERVA Xpress blotting buffer is a ready-to-use buffer reagent for the fast and efficient transfer of high and low molecular weight proteins in only 15 min.

The use of SERVA's blotting fleece instead of blotting paper allows an efficient, undisturbed transfer in a short time. The pre-cut PVDF membrane sheets with the pore size of 0.22 µm show high protein binding and low background.

Items supplied:
250 ml 10 x SERVA Xpress blotting buffer, 20 x blotting fleece sheets (size 80 x 85 mm), 10 x PVDF membrane sheets, pore size 0.22 µm (size 80 x 85 mm).
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