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Human Serum

PAN-Biotech offers 3 different categories of human serum: 'Off-the-clot', Seraclot and converted human serum. Within these categories it is possible to choose between a mixed blood group pool or human serum AB.
  • The raw material has been collected, prepared, tested and released in accordance with EU regulations and current version of the Good Manufacturing Practice Annex 14.
  • Raw material derived from donors who are negative in the tests HIV 1/2, HIV Ag, anti-HCV, Hbs Ag, Syphilis, HBV DNA, HCV RNA, HIV-1 RNA and are under medical supervision since 6 months.
  • All manufacturing steps and test results are documented accurately.
  • Single-use blood donor bags.
  • Endotoxin level max. 10 EU / ml.
 TypeContentsPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Seraclot100 ml15443419-on demand
 Human serum100 ml15443420-on demand
 Human serum, type AB100 ml15443421-on demand
 Human serum off-the-clot100 ml15443422-on demand