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CO2 Resistant Shaker for CO2 Incubators

The CO2 resistant shakers are conceived to provide a round-the-clock and reliable operation and an optimal maintenance and development of cells in the working environment.
  • Low-maintenance magnetic drive.
  • Small footprint ideal for use in a CO2 incubator.
  • Specially treated mechanical components protect up to 20 % CO2 and 95 % humidity conditions.
  • Convenient external control box with LED display allows for easy adjustments without opening the chamber door.
  • Min. heat dissipation assures conditions within the CO2 shaker are not affected.
  • St. steel construction protects from corrosive CO2 gassing conditions.
  • A wide selection of accessories fits most applications.
  • CO2 resistant shakers can also be used outside of CO2 incubator.
Technical Data:
Speed range:30 to 300 min-1 (± 1 min-1)
Rotation mode:orbital
Shaking amplitude:19 mm
Display:LED display for speed range and runtime setting
Display accuracy:1 min-1
Runtime setting:0 to 99 h 59 min or continuous operation
Max. loading:6 kg
Weight:13 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H):360 x 300 x 96 mm (shaker)
95 x 158 x 26 mm (controller)
Operating conditions:4 to 60 °C, 20 to 95 % rel. air humidity, 0 to 20 % (CO2 concentration)
Certifications:CE, RoHS, cCSAus
Mains supply:100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz with external controller
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