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Small Benchtop Centrifuge Medifuge™

The small benchtop centrifuge is the perfect choice for both your routine clinical and life science applications. Its compact design fits in easily and stands out with the unique DualSpin™ rotor. This 2-in-1 hybrid design rotor can be effortlessly changed between fixed angle and swinging buckets and allows you to switch quickly and easily between different applications.
  • Unique DualSpin™ rotor with interchangeable fixed angle and swinging buckets.
  • Lightweight composite rotor is easy to handle and saves energy during acceleration / deceleration.
  • Large, bright LED display is easy to read and fast one-click lid closure simplifies operation.
  • Memory for 4 customisable programmes to quickly run routine protocols.
  • 3 selectable deceleration profiles.
  • Quiet operation at lower noise levels than 56 dBA.
  • Emergency lid lock release in case of power failure.
  • Standards: IEC 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-020, IEC 61010-2-101, EN 61326-1, EN ISO 13485.
  • Certifications: UL, CE, RoHS, CSA, IVD, FDA class 1.

Items supplied:
Medifuge™, DualSpin™ rotor, fixed angle buckets (set of 8), swinging buckets (set of 8), green / short and yellow / long spacers (set of 8).
Technical Data:
Max. capacity:8 x 15 ml (fixed-angle rotor)
8 x 10 ml (swing-bucket rotor)
Max. speed:300 to 4900 min-1, adjustable in steps of 100
Max. RCF:3114 x g (fixed-angle rotor)
3490 x g (swing-bucket rotor)
Available running time:1 to 99 min in 1 min steps, permanent use
Temperature range:2 to 40 °C
User interfaces:large, bright LED display
Programmable memories:4
Acceleration rates:1 (standard)
Deceleration rates:3 (standard, soft, discontinuous)
Dimensions (H x W x D):240 x 325 x 450 mm
Weight:15.5 kg
Mains supply:230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
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