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Full Face Mask SFERA / Silicone (Class 3)

  • Made of silicone, which is particularly kind to the skin.
  • Patented anti-fogging, non-reflecting, distortion-free and anti-scratch polycarbonate visor shield with very large field of vision.
  • With standard thread connection DIN EN 148-1.
  • Built-in speech diaphragm.
  • The outstanding transmission of the voice allows the use of megaphones, telephones and two-way radios.
  • Universal size allows the mask to fit tightly but without pressure irrespective of the shape of the face.
  • 1 large exhalation valve with exhalation valve pre-chamber results in low exhalation resistance and prevents dangerous media from penetrating the inside of the mask.
  • The inner mask is equipped with 2 check valves which reduce clearance volume and prevent the visor shield from misting up through even visor ventilation.
  • Approved for fire fighters.

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EKASTU Safety Full Face Mask SFERA / Silicone (Class 3)

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