SI Analytics
Automatic Titrators TitroLine® 7800

SI Analytics  Automatic Titrators TitroLine® 7800
Compact titrator with intelligent exchangeable units with automatic recognition of unit size and reagent data. Thanks to the USB and additional RS232 interfaces, connection of printer, balance and further accessories are possible at the same time. The high-contrast TFT-display allows the easy parameterisation and tracking of the titration curve. Titrations to pH, mV and µA endpoint (2 end points), to one equivalence point (pH und mV) with dynamic or linear titration addition.
  • Manual titrations with the controller.
  • Dosing tasks.
  • Interfaces: 3 USB (2 USB A and 1 x USB B), 2 RS232C.
  • Keyboard: unit is operated using the keys on the device itself, the controller TZ 3880 and PC-keyboard (USB).
  • Graphics-capable 3.5" TFT display.

Salt content in foodstuffs (cheese, soy sauce, ketchup), total acidity in wine and beverages, SO2 in wine and beverages, formol number, iodine and peroxide number, nitrogen according to Kjeldahl, chloride in drinking water and other samples, alkalinity (p + m-value) and carbon dioxide, total hardness, FOS / TAC.
Technical Data:
Measuring input pH / mV:pH / mV-input with DIN or BNC socket
Measuring input Dead Stop:µA-input for double platinum electrode (socket 2 x 4 mm), pole voltage adjustable
Temperature:for resistance probes Pt 1000 (socket: 2 x 4 mm)
Stirrer connection:TM 235
Exchangeable units:10, 20 or 50 ml exchangeable units with reagent recognition
Burette resolution:10000
Dosing accuracy:systematic error 0.15 %, random error 0.05 % in compliance with EN ISO 8655-6
Mains supply:100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Conformity:ISO 8655, part 6
CE-mark:EMC: 2004/108/EG; safety EC-Directive 2006/95
The TitroLine® 7800 is the all-rounder for potentiometric titration with an additional digital measuring input. That allows e. g. the connection and use of pH and conductivity sensors at the same time. An additional external conductometer is not required anymore. The device can also be used as volumetric KF titrator.
  • With intelligent interchangeable modules and storage of all relevant reagent data.
  • Additional LAN port.
  • Storage of results via USB port (PDF and CSV-format) incl. method transfer.
  • With one analogue and one digital measuring input. The digital input allows the connection of digital (IDS) pH and conductivity sensors.
  • With standard methods for potentiometric and KF titration.

Items supplied:
Basic unit, with stand rod TZ 1510, titration clamp Z 305, keyboard TZ 3835 and power supply 100 to 240 V.
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 TL 7800 basic unitwithout magnetic stirrer15439639-4,680.00 Add product to Shopping Basket
 TL 7800 basic unitwith magnetic stirrer16371231-4,935.00 Add product to Shopping Basket
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