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Cubis® Essential Edition

Premium lab balances with practical modular design for high-end weighing: choose between 26 pre-configured models.

They include semi-micro-, analytical-, precision- and high-capacity balances. Together, they cover a weighing range from 220 g to 36 kg and a readability from 10 µg to 1 g.
  • Quick product selection and easy ordering process with fixed order numbers.
  • Easy operation and highest weighing performance.
  • Large, high-contrast, liquid crystal Cubis® MSE display.
  • Easy-to-understand menu guidance with short text prompts.
  • Clearly structured keys for precise activation of functions.
  • Software support for fast levelling.
  • Robust, monolithic weighing system technology for reliable measuring results.
  • Amply dimensioned, rectangular weighing pans (semi-micro- and analytical balances 85 x 85 mm, 1 mg precision balances 140 x 140 mm, larger precision balances 206 x 206 mm, high-capacity balances 400 x 300 mm).

Draft shield:
  • Semi-micro- and analytical balances (0.01 and 0.1 mg): large volume, manual, glass draft shield DU for unlimited access to the weighing chamber.
  • Precision balances (1 mg): removable, flat draft shield made of st. steel.
 TypeWeighing range
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Order No.PU Availability 
Semi-micro balance MSE225S-ED152200.01no54395961Login / Registration-
Semi-micro balance MSE225SCE-ED152200.01yes54395971Login / Registration-
Analytical balance MSE324S-ED153200.1no54395981Login / Registration-
Analytical balance MSE324SCE-ED153200.1yes54395991Login / Registration-
Analytical balance MSE224S-ED152200.1no54396001Login / Registration-
Analytical balance MSE224SCE-ED152200.1yes54396011Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE1203S-ED1512001no54396021Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE1203SCE-ED1512001yes54396031Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE623S-ED156201no54396041Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE623SCE-ED156201yes54396051Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE6202S-ED15620010no54396061Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE6202SCE-DE15620010yes54396071Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE4202S-ED15420010no54396081Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE4202SCE-ED15420010yes54396091Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE8201S-ED158200100no54396101Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE8201SCE-ED158200100yes54396111Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE5201S-ED155200100no54396121Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE5201SCE-ED155200100yes54396131Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE12201S-ED1512200100no54396141Login / Registration-
Precision balance MSE12201SCE-ED1512200100yes54396151Login / Registration-
High-capacity balance MSE36201S-ED1536200100no54396161Login / Registration-
High-capacity balance MSE36201SCE-ED1536200100yes54396171Login / Registration-
High-capacity balance MSE20201S-ED1520200100no54396181Login / Registration-
High-capacity balance MSE20201SCE-ED1520200100yes54396191Login / Registration-
High-capacity balance MSE36200S-ED15362001000no54396201Login / Registration-
High-capacity balance MSE36200SCE-ED15362001000yes54396211Login / Registration-
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