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BOLA Globe Stirrer Couplings

Ideal for balancing misalignment of axes between agitator and stirrer shaft, suitable for glass, metal or BOLA stirrer shafts. Made of POM, a plastic material with a good mechanical strength, powerful transmission of up to 300 Ncm, suitable for a speed of up to 1200 min-1, max. misalignment of axes 10 mm.
  • Very low centrifugal forces due to low weight.
  • Suitable for both left- and right-handed rotation (except for GL 10 thread: no left-handed rotation possible).
  • No resonance.
  • Simple assembly by means of screw joints with clamp rings.
  • Pivot (length 90 mm) can be shortened by the user.
  • FDA conform.
Technical Data:
Temperature resistance:- 30 to + 100 °C
Chemical resistance:++ very good
 Opening for
stirrer shaft
Upper Ø
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