Pressure Sprayers

Bürkle  Pressure Sprayers
Bürkle  Pressure SprayersBürkle  Pressure Sprayers    
Pressure sprayer, robust industrial quality for disinfection, cleaning, plant protection, thin layer chromatography, technical and sanitary use. The hand pump is used to produce a pressure of up to 4 bar in the container. Spraying can then take place by pressing a button.
  • Media-contacting parts PP, PE, glass-fibre-reinforced PA, V2A, FKM.
  • Bottle made of PEHD.
  • Nozzle Ø 0.6 mm.
  • Adjustable spray jet.
  • Graduation up to 1500 ml.
  • Temperature max. 30 °C.
  • Spraying lance extension 30 cm available as accessory.
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