Multi-Use USB Data Logger EBI 310 TH

Cold chain monitoring - the easy to use data loggers with USB connection monitor the temperature and / or humidity during transport and storage of sensitive goods like medicine, food, serums etc. Measurement reports are created automatically as PDF files when you connect the logger to a PC.

The EBI 300 and EBI 310 USB data loggers are suitable for multi-use.
  • Programming of the logger with the help of the free online configurator or optional via the software Winlog.basic, Winlog.light or Winlog.pro.
  • Set optional limits and start to record the measurement data.
  • Connection of the logger to any PC via the USB port.
  • Automatic generation of a PDF report with all important measurement data.
  • Store, save or email the PDF report.
  • Further processing of the measurement data with the software Winlog.basic, Winlog.light or Winlog.pro.
  • Direct USB connection.
  • Automatic PDF report generation.
  • Indication of alarm status via flashing LED.
  • Data integrity.
  • Conforms with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, DIN EN 12830 and ATP.
  • The data loggers help you to comply with GMP and VO (EG) 37/2005.
  • Digital interface between loggers and external probes (at EBI 300 TE, EBI 300 TH, EBI 310 TE, EBI 310 TH, EBI 310 DI and EBI 310 TX).
  • Data logger functions as data collector with optional internal sensor.
  • Easy exchange of the external probes e. g. for calibration: remove and send probe, connect replacement probe, measure.
  • No calibration of the data collector required, if internal probe is not used.
Storage temperature:- 40 to + 85 °C
Sample rate:1 min to 24 h
Measurement modes:endless measurement, start / stop, measurement until end of memory, start with key press
Display:value, MIN / MAX, until end of memory, alarm on / off
Max. start delay:72 h
Housing material:PC
Certificate:factory calibration certificate - 20 °C, 0 °C, + 60 °C
Norms:DIN EN 12830
Factory calibration certificate:- 20 °C, 0 °C, + 60 °C
Relative humidity monitoring in storages and during transports. With external humidity and temperature probe.
  • Internal temperature probe usable additionally.
Technical Data:
Measurement range temperature / operating temperature:
Accuracy (internal):
- 30 to + 70 °C
± 0.5 °C (- 20 to + 40 °C)
± 0.8 °C for the remaining measurement range
Accuracy (external):± 0.5 °C (- 20 to + 40 °C)
± 1.0 °C for the remaining measurement range
Measurement range humidity:0 to 100 % rh
Accuracy humidity:± 3 % between 10 and 90 % rh (at 25 °C)
± 5 % for the remaining measurement range
Probe humidity:capacitive
Resolution temperature:0.1 °C
Resolution humidity:0.1 % rh
Dimensions (L x W x H):129 x 33 x 14 mm
Protection class:IP 20
Memory capacity:40000 measurements
Alarm:2 limits
PDF creation:PDF
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