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Sampling Pumps

Made of PP and PTFE. A pull on the ball handle produces a slight vacuum in the sampling bottle. Due to this vacuum, the sample is sucked into the sampling bottle. Both glass bottles and plastic bottles with a GL 45 thread can be used as sampling bottles. The pump provides universal chemical resistance since the sample is only exposed to PTFE. For pumping liquids from sources that are not easily accessible; also suitable for liquids with a high viscosity, e. g. oils.
  • Compact construction.
  • Usable anywhere (no power or air supply needed).
  • Easy handling.
  • Quick and low-risk pumping of ultrapure liquids.
  • FDA conform.
Technical Data:
Volume per stroke:50 ml
For tubing outer Ø:6 mm
Temperature resistance:- 10 to + 90 °C
Chemical resistance:+++ very good
 Thread of
screw cap
For bottles
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