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B. Braun
Wipes Dispenser System

Dispenser system for filling with a disinfection solution.
  • Easy removal of the separate detachable B. Braun wipes.
  • A reclosable lid protects the solution against contamination and evaporation.
  • Low consumption of wipes and application solution.
  • The wipes are very soft and absorbent, as well as lint-free; disinfectant is dispensed to the surface reliably.
  • Tested with B. Braun surface disinfectant.
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 Fleece roll with 100 wipes65439474-Login / Registration
Fleece roll B. Braun wipes ECO 120 wipes65439475-Login / Registration
Fleece roll B. Braun wipes mini ECO 60 wipes2405439477-Login / Registration
 Dispenser box (small) with grey lid (without fleece roll)15556052-on demand
Dispenser system with grey lid (without fleece roll)15556053-on demand