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SHP Steriltechnik 

SHP Steriltechnik
LABOMAG Multipoint Magnetic Stirrers, Stirring Point Distance 130 mm

For various and flexible applications in medical, biotechnological and chemical laboratories - attractive design, handiness and functionality.
  • 12 varying combinations of stirring points available.
  • 2 selectable stirring point distances.
  • Slim and space saving.
  • Incl. separate hand control.
  • Easy to clean and sturdy surfaces.
  • Made in Germany in consideration of German quality standards.
  • Sturdy, wear-free inductive drive ensures a powerful and homogeneous mixing of liquids while having a constant stirring speed.
  • Due to the soft-start-function the stirring bar starts running evenly and centred.
  • All stirring positions are stirring synchronously for an uniform mixing of media.
  • Only low heat transfer to the stirred liquid.
  • Integrated change of stirring direction ensures even more homogeneous mixing of liquid.
  • Reliable and durable - tested in long-term usage.
  • Completely encapsulated and tight interior space.
  • Laboratory standard surface: housing made of powder coated st. steel, light grey.
  • The separate control unit is easy to use.
  • Integrated LEDs visualise the recent stirring speed on hand control.
  • The controller memorises the last setting of stirring speed and direction.
  • A USB interface is integrated as serial function.
  • Manageable design: lifting up the magnetic stirrer is an easy task because of the slim design and the edged lateral faces; at the same time the magnetic stirrers are standing on the laboratory desk steadily and reliably.
Technical Data:
Speed range:100 to 1350 min-1
Mains supply:100 to 230 V AC
Proctection class stirring drive:IP 63
Proctection class power supply / controller:IP 40
Housing material laboratory standard:st. steel, powder-coated, light grey
 Stirring pointsStirring volume
per stirrer
Stirring power
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1 x 310 to 20008.4 W457 x 38 x 17515439356-on demand
1 x 410 to 20009 W587 x 38 x 17515439357-on demand
2 x 210 to 200016.8 W327 x 38 x 30515439358-on demand
2 x 410 to 200012 W587 x 38 x 30515439359-on demand