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Immersion Circulators CORIO™ C / CD

Julabo laboratory circulators are suitable for all standard and routine tasks in the lab and industry. The circulators are ready for use with only a few simple steps.
  • The provided bath clamp facilitates a mounting on the bath tanks.
  • Inclined pump connections allow for an easy installation of applications.
  • Please use the optional cooling coil or an immersion cooler when termering near or below ambient temperature.
  • Light display with strong brightness. Easy to read, also from a larger distance.
  • 1-point calibration.
  • Incl. 2 fittings for tubing Ø 8 / 12 mm.

CORIO™ C immersion circulator:
The immersion circulator is the basic model of the CORIO™ circulator portfolio. For internal standard applications.
  • For bath tanks with a max. filling volume of 30 l.
  • Easy operation.
  • Class I (NFL) acc. to DIN 12876-1.

CORIO™ CD immersion circulator:
The circulator can be equipped with an optional pump set for temperature control of external applications.
  • For bath tanks with a max. filling volume of 50 l.
  • USB interface.
  • Pump change-over between internal and external circulation.
  • Class III (FL) acc. to DIN 12876-1.
Technical Data:
Heat capacity:2 kW
Dimensions (W x L x H):132 x 160 x 362 mm
Usable immersion depth:166 mm
l / min
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