Bottletop Dispensers Dispensette® S Trace Analysis

The Dispensette® S bottletop dispensers combine innovative ideas with proven technology and makes dispensing safer and convenient.
  • Discharge tube, with or without recirculation valve.
  • Valve system: no additional sealing rings required; this greatly facilitates cleaning and preparations for autoclaving.
  • Simple priming by optimised flow channels.
  • Less dispensing force - especially with large volume instruments.
  • Safe volume setting with internal scalloped track (analog-adjustable instruments).
  • Pivoted screw cap: does not disturb dispensing.
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C.
  • Easy to calibrate and adjust in order to comply with ISO 9001 and GLP guidelines.
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning.
  • Replacable filling and discharge valve with safety bulb (locks when discharge tube is not assembled).
  • The 360° rotatable valve block allows the bottle label to face the user.
  • Telescoping filling tube adjusts easily to different size bottles.
  • DE-M marking.

Available models:

The mechanical volume setting is easy to read and ensures accurate and reproducible volume control. Easy Calibration Technique for calibration adjustment in seconds without tools. A calibration flag indicates changes from factory settings.

Rapid and safe volume setting with internal scalloped track. Simple calibration adjustment with a supplied tool.

For standard applications. Simple calibration adjustment with a supplied tool.

Items supplied:
Bottletop dispenser, DE-M marking, with performance certificate, telescoping filling tube, recirculation valve and recirculation tube (optional), mounting tool and adapters of PP.
  • Parts in contact with media consist of high-purity materials such as PTFE, ETFE, FEP, and PFA.
  • The purest sapphire is used for replaceable valves.
  • A field-tested cleaning process before use in trace analysis is described in the operating manual.
  • If contamination of the bottle contents must be avoided, we recommend using the device without recirculation valve.
  • The 45 mm standard thread plus the included adapters fit most common lab bottles.

Provides outstanding performance for precise volume dispensing of high-purity media for trace analysis. Also suitable for HF with platinum-iridium valve spring.
  • Colour code: grey.
Technical Data:
Volume:1 to 10 ml
Division:0.2 ml
 TypeValve springA* ≤ %CV** ≤ %Recirculation valvePUOrder Stock 
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