Multipette® E3 and Multipette® E3x

Electronic Multipettes® for daily laboratory working tasks. The pipettes make long pipetting series faster and easier. The aspirated liquid can be dispensed up to 100 times without a refill. It is an ideal and smart solution for filling plates or large series of tubes (e. g. nucleic acid purification kits).

With the light-weight Multipette® E3 the risk of repetitive strain injuries is reduced in various ways: it minimises operation forces through an electronic motor drive and buttons are positioned to accommodate natural hand movements. An enlarged display reduces eyes strain when reviewing settings.

Work precisely and safely: the optimised system of Multipette® and Combitips® allows automatic tip recognition for ease of use. The syringe style Combitip® maximises pipetting accuracy and precision. It is not affected by liquid properties, most manual pipetting errors and provides protection from aerosol contamination.
  • One instrument only for precise pipetting from 1 µl to 50 ml.
  • Automatic tip recognition: perfected system with Combitips advanced® for reproducible dispensing results.
  • RFID chip contains all relevant data regarding the Multipette® (serial No., dispensing volume, factory adjustment etc.).
  • One button tip ejection enables one handed operation.
  • Defined dispensing speed increases the reproducibility of results.
  • 8 different speed levels allow the optimum speed for each application.
  • Reduced min. speed increase the limit of viscosity of dispensable liquids.
  • Increased max. speed saves time without splashing.
  • Easy to read: enlarged colour display, optimised contrast, clear arrangement of all adjustable parameters.
  • Software shows all selected parameters at one glance; proven intuitive software navigation.
  • Display in 9 different languages.
  • Dispensing: serial pipetting for up to 100 steps in a row.
  • Automatic dispensing: volume is dispensed at fixed intervals between 0.1 and 10 s.
  • Pipetting: precise liquid transfer of up to 50 ml.
  • Storage of up to 225 different parameter settings to save programming time for routine applications.
  • Sleep Mode saves battery when not in use and wakes up when Multipipette® is moved; long life lithium-ion battery allows filling of more than hundred 96-well plates in a row.

Multipette® E3x:
  • Selection wheel with 7 operation modes.
  • Sequential dispensing: individual volume setting for up to 16 dispensing steps.
  • Multi-aspirate: consecutive aspiration of liquid of the same volume into one Combitip®.
  • Aspirate and dispensing: uptake and volume calculation of an unknown volume with immediate dispense in desired partial volumes.
  • Titrate: sensitive dosing of liquids while volume is displayed.
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