Flexible Discharging Tubes for Bottletop Dispensers Dispensette® S

With recirculation valve, PTFE, must not be used with HF, coiled, length 80 cm, with safety handle.
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Inside Ø
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 Discharging tube with recirculation valve2, 5, 1032Dispensette® S / S Organic / Trace Analysis15438943-Login / Registration
 Discharging tube with recirculation valve25, 50, 1004.53Dispensette® S / S Organic / Trace Analysis15438944-Login / Registration
 Discharging tube with recirculation valve, PT / IR spring10  Dispensette® S Trace Analysis15438945-on demand
 Discharging tube with recirculation valve, tantalum spring10  Dispensette® S Trace Analysis15438946-on demand