Benchtop pH Meters FiveEasy™

Compact entry-level meter for pH and ORP measurements with favorable price / performance ratio. Applicable in miscellaneous areas (i. e. food, beverages, water / environmental analysis etc.).
  • Easy, intuitive operation.
  • Robust and ergonomic design.
  • Large display.
  • Acoustic signals (optional).
  • Electrode arm can be stored at the side of the instrument.

Additionally at FiveEasy Plus:
Printing / data transfer to PC, data logger (200 sets).
Power supply:100 to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz / 12 V DC
Dimensions:227 x 147 x 70 mm
Weight:0.63 kg
Items supplied:
Incl. meter, 1 x CD with operating instructions, 1 x QuickGuide, 1 x declaration of conformity, 1 x test certificate, 1 x integrated electrode stand.
Technical Data:
Measuring range:0.00 to 14,00 pH (Five Easy)
- 2,00 to + 16,00 pH (FiveEasy Plus)
- 2000 to + 2000 mV
0 to 100 °C (FiveEasy)
-5 bis + 105 °C (FiveEasy Plus)
Resolution:0.01 pH / 1 mV
0.1 °C
Acoustic endpoint signal:yes
Calibration:max. 3 point, linear (FiveEasy)
max. 5 point, linear and segemented (FiveEasy Plus)
Sensor inputs:BNC, Cinch, NTC 30 kΩ
Memory size:200 measurements (FiveEasy Plus)
Connectors:RS232- and USB (FiveEasy Plus)
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 FiveEasy™ F20-Metersee items supplied aboveapplications that require a specific sensor not included in a kit15438899-Login / Registration
 FiveEasy™ F20-Standardstandard kit with LE438 sensorwide range of general aqueous samples154389002 Login / Registration