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Disposable Spinner Flasks

Corning®  Disposable Spinner Flasks
Corning® Disposable Spinner Flasks
The Corning® disposable spinner flask system comes ready-to-use with paddle and integrated magnet, eliminating the need for time-consuming assembly or cleaning and reassembly.

Molded from virgin PS and gamma-irradiated, each spinner flask system assures a clean and sterile unit that is nonpyrogenic. No more concerns with detergent residues or contamination.

Made of ISO 10993 PS, the vessel is comparable to conventional glass spinner flasks for growth of suspension cell lines and any attachment-dependent cultures using microcarrier beads.

The paddle size and height is optimised for each vessel size. A unique integrated magnet provides a smooth, even rotation at required speeds on any laboratory slow speed stirrer. Heat build-up in the vessel is reduced by means of a specially designed flange that raises the vessel off the stir-plate surface.
  • A variety of cell types can be cultured in large volume disposable spinner flasks.
  • Disposable spinner flasks maintain equal aeration as compared to standard glass spinner flasks.
  • Cultured cells from glass and disposable spinner flasks are metabolically equivalent.
  • Culured cells in disposable spinner flasks product equal amounts of secreted proteins as cells cultured in traditional glass spinner flasks.
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