Thermo Scientific
Accessories for Thermolyne™ Muffle Furnaces

 DescriptionForPUOrder Stock 
 Hearth tray, 254 x 193 x 9.5 mm5.8 l muffel furnaces15438865-on demand
 Shelf, 352 x 254 x 12.7 mmashing furnaces15438866-on demand
 Ceramic shelf, 174 x 173 x 12 mm5.8 l muffel furnaces15438867-on demand
 Hearth tray1.3 l muffel furnaces15438868-on demand
 Hearth tray2.1 l muffel furnaces15438869-on demand
 Hearth tray2 l muffel furnaces15438870-on demand
 Exhaust tubing kitashing furnaces15438871-on demand
 Hearth tray, 229 x 273 x 19 mm14 and 45 l muffel furnaces15438872-on demand
 Hearth tray, 82 x 101 x 12.7 mm14 and 45 l muffel furnaces15438873-on demand
 St. steel shelf14 and 45 l muffel furnaces15438874-on demand
 Shelf pegs (4 required)14 and 45 l muffel furnaces15438875-on demand
 Hearth tray, 171 x 149 x 19 mmashing furnaces15438876-on demand
 Crucible trays for atmosphere controlled ashingashing furnaces15438877-on demand
 Refractory shelfashing furnaces, 45 l, D1 control15438878-on demand
 Inconel manifold14 and 45 l muffel furnaces15438879-on demand
 Inconel manifoldashing furnaces15438880-on demand