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DURAN® Double Walled Wide Mouth Bottles GLS 80®

The DURAN® double walled wide mouth bottles GLS 80® incorporate an integral jacket that isolates the contents from the external environment. Heated or cooled liquids can be circulated through the jacket to control the temperature within the screw topped DURAN® bottle. The double walled bottles offer a sealable and more flexible alternative to open topped jacketed beakers.
  • Simple, low cost, jacketed chemostat or bioreactor for cell culture.
  • Vessel for temperature-controlled reactions such as enzyme digestions.
  • Simple continuous flow stirred reactor system with the optional GLS 80® cap components.
  • Thermostatic vessel to maintain fluids or high viscosity liquids at a constant temperature, useful when working with endo- or exothermic reagents.
  • Large cold trap or condenser when used with dry ice in the inner container.
  • Wide usable temperature range of - 40 to + 120 °C. The range can be extended from - 45 to + 180 °C with the optional white GLS 80® PES cap.
  • DURAN® glass components are usable from - 196 to + 300 °C, but care must be taken to limit the rates of heating or cooling.
  • Manufactured from DURAN® borosilicate 3.3 glass, renowned for its excellent thermal performance and high resistance to chemical attack.
  • All components are fully autoclavable.
  • The wide 65 mm inner Ø of the GLS 80® wide mouth provides easy access to the contents or for cleaning.
  • The flat inner base is compatible with magnetic stir bars or the DURAN® GLS 80® magnetic stirrer cap system.
  • Compatible with full range of wide mouth GLS 80® connection cap systems for liquid addition or removal during processing.
  • The inner vessel features an easy-to-read graduated volume scale.
  • The GL 18 outlet hose connectors are removable for increased safety.
  • The positions of the 10 mm PTFE inlet / outlet hose connectors are optimised for a uniform flow around the jacket to ensure consistent heating or cooling.

Items supplied:
Double walled wide mouth bottle GLS 80®, PBT GL 18 aperture caps, PTFE 10 mm hose connectors, PP pouring ring and GLS 80® cap.
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The max. pressure in the double walled glass jacket must not exceed + 50 kPa gauge. These products must not be used under vacuum.
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