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Demineralising Systems DS 1500 to 6000

stakpure  Demineralising Systems DS 1500 to 6000
stakpure Demineralising Systems DS 1500 to 6000
Stakpure mixed-bed ion exchangers are practical systems which can be used on a bench or wall-mounted (wall mount bracket as option), connected directly to a water tap. It is pressure-resistant, and allows simple, less expensive on-the-spot production of purified resp. deionised water. The ion exchange resin effectively removes inorganics, i. e. anions and cations, from the water passing through it. Designed for medium volume preparation of deionised water, it is ideal for supplying laboratory glassware washers, autoclaves and sterilisers acc. to DIN 285, air conditioners and cooling systems, ultra pure water systems and it is also suited for general laboratory purposes. Industrial applications incl. supplying water for the rinsing of printed circuits and for cleaning equipment, steam boilers and sources of energy as well as for the production of water equivalent to distilled water for batteries, in conformity with DIN VDE 0510.
  • Alternatively with 3/4" hose connection or quick-connect coupling (SK models).
Technical Data:
Water demineraliser:pressure-resistant
St. steel cartridge:pressure-resistant to 10 bar
Pure water quality:0.1 to 20 µS / cm
Max. water temperature:30 °C
Material:st. steel - AISI 316
 TypeFlow rate
l / h
Ø x H
Order No.PU Availability
 Demineralising system DS 15003001500240 x 4101454386921Login / Registration-
 Demineralising system DS 20003002000240 x 4901854386931Login / Registration-
 Demineralising system DS 28009502800240 x 5702454386941Login / Registration-
 Demineralising system DS 400010004000240 x 7002754386961Login / Registration-
 Demineralising system DS 600010006000240 x 11554554386971Login / Registration-
 Demineralising system DS 1500 - SK3001500240 x 4101454393881Login / Registration-
 Demineralising system DS 2000 - SK3002000240 x 4901854393891Login / Registration-
 Demineralising system DS 2800 - SK9502800240 x 5702454393901Login / Registration-
 Demineralising system DS 4000 - SK10004000240 x 7002754393911Login / Registration-
 Demineralising system DS 6000 - SK10006000240 x 11554554393921Login / Registration-
 Wall mount-0--54386951Login / Registration-
Capacity for 10° total dissolved solids.
Analogue conductivity meters AC 100 / stakpure
Digital conductivity meters DC 400 / stakpure