Stereomicroscope Stemi 508

The stereomicroscope Stemi 508 is suitable for the following fields of application:

In biology:
  • Analysis of biological samples in biology classroom and research lab.
  • Morphology of plants and animals.
  • Analysis of structure and form of worms, snails, spiders, frogs, crabs, eggs.
  • Analysis of developmental stages, such as walking.
  • Analysis of fruiting bodies and spores.
  • Applications for veterinarians: section, preparation and operation.

In industry:
  • For industrial applications such as analysis of soldering joints on boards, Stemi microscopes with ESD-suitable stands can be used.
  • A documentation of all contrasting methods is easily possible.
  • Comprehensive measuring functionalities are available.

The WLAN suitable Stemi 508 is either equipped with an integrated camera or with the conventional camera resolution. It can be equipped with universal lighting concepts of all kinds.
  • Zoom: 6.3x to 50x.
  • With stand K EDU and spot lamp K LED for bright- and dark field in incident- and transmitted light.
  • Microskope body Stemi 508.
  • Eyecup.
  • Stand K EDU.
  • Spot light K LED.
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 Stereomicroscope Stemi 508mit Stativ K EDU und Spot-Leuchte K LED15438602-on demand
 Stereomicroscope Stemi 508mit Stativ K, CL 4500 LED und Schwanenhals-Lichtleiter 2 x15438606-on demand
 Stereomicroscope Stemi 508mit Stativ N, Vorsatzoptik 0,3x, Okular 16x, CL 4500 LED, Doppelspot und Schrägsichtansatz15438607-on demand