Stereomicroscopes Stemi 305

Trailer Stemi 305
Stemi 305 is a compact Greenough stereomicroscope with 5:1 zoom. Equally suited to the biology classroom, research lab or on the industrial shop floor.

Observe samples as they are: in real 3D, distortion free and crisp in contrast, with no preparation required. Then images can be shared. Easy-to-use microscope, where everything is integrated: long-life LED illumination, reflected and transmitted light and documentation. For documentation images can be snaped simply with the integrated 1.2 MPx Wi-Fi camera and shared using Labscope, the iPad imaging app. Alternatively, a conventional phototube can be used to have access to all Axiocam cameras and free ZEN lite imaging software.
  • Everything integrated into Stemi 305 stand - no additional cables or boxes.
  • Stemi 305 microscope sets for education, lab and industry ensure optimised object illumination.
  • Easily select and mix the integrated LED illuminations (vertical and oblique reflected light, so as transmitted light).
  • Large working distance and object fields - examine whole living samples.
  • Shadow-free, homogeneous illumination provided by the vertical LED spot of Stemi 305 as well as the flexible alignment of the microscope with tilting arm stand U.
  • Integrated wireless camera and router option with Labscope - the iPad imaging app where you can create your own virtual classroom and share your images.
  • All Stemi 305 zoom bodies are equipped with an integrated vertical illumination to observe holes or cavities.
  • All LED illuminators K - even Stemi 305 cam with integrated camera - are powered by the electronics of stands K.

Illumination kits
Education kit:
  • Spot K LED, zoomable and heightadjustable for oblique, bright field and grazing light.
  • Flat transmitted light stand for bright and dark field (of stand K Edu), polariser / analyser equipment optional.

Laboratory kit:
  • Mirror based TL unit of stand K Lab to look at uncoulored, transparent samples in crisp oblique light.
  • Double arm gooseneck - for dissections in reflected light.
  • Optional: polariser / analyser.
  • Ergo hand rest for relaxed posture.

Industrial kit:
  • ESD safe by antistatic surface treatment of stand K Mat.
  • Segmentable ringlight to quickly find scratches, defects, residues.
  • Integrated near vertical spot to inspect e. g. drill or thread holes.
Operation concept:stereo microscope, Greenough design with 5:1 zoom range
Zoom bodies:Stemi 305 binocular (all zoom bodies incl. eyepieces 10x/23 Br. foc)
Stemi 305 trino, phototube with fixed division 50/50 to the left, integrated camera adapter 0.5x and c-mount interface
Stemi 305 cam with integrated 1.2 MPx Wi-Fi camera
Magnification range:8.0x to 40x with basic version (10x eyepieces), using interchangeable optics, all magnifications from 4x to 200x are accessible
Max. resolution:

Working distance:
200 Lp / mm basic version; up to 400 Lp / mm with interchangeable optics
110 mm basic version; up to 185 mm using interchangeable optics
Max. object field:

Interface to Stemi mount:
29 mm basic version; up to 58 mm using interchangeable optics
76 mm (international)
Interchangeable eyepieces:

Stemi carriers for column 32 mm:
PL10x / 23 Br. foc (incl.), PL16x / 14 Br. foc, W25x / 10 foc
Stemi mount with drive, stemi mount tiltable 0 to 90°
Bench top stands (*= dimensions as Model K):model K, 200 x 310 mm, column 250 mm with drive, travel 145 mm
model K Mat*, reflected light LED electronics, ESD feature: antistatic
model K Edu*, reflected light electronics, flat TL base (bright field / dark field)
model K Lab*, reflected light electronics, mirror TL base (bright field / dark field / oblique)
model N, 440 x 360 mm, column Ø 32 mm / height 350 mm
Boom stands:model A; ball bearing double-arm model SDA; tilting arm model U
Stages:sliding stage circular, ball-and-socket stage, rotating polarisation stage
LED illuminators K:spot K LED, double spot K (selfcarrying), segmentable ringlight K. Controller K for standalone use of Stemi 305 cam, integrated vertical illumination or ringlight K
Direct LED illuminators:VisiLED ringlights, segmentable; double arm LED spot for column 32
Cold light sources:CL4500 LED (CRI 90) with various light guides for highest brightness or special contrasts, e. g. goosenecks, ringlights, line or area light, diffusor
Transmitted light illuminators:transmitted light mirror accessory for stand N (BF, DF, oblique)
Polarisation:polarisation filters for ringlights, spots and transmitted light units
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