Bürkle SteriPlast

SteriPlast® Scoops

Available in 4 different sizes, the SteriPlast® scoop made of PS is cleanroom produced, individually packed for one-way needs and gamma radiation sterilised. The scoops are also available with transparent cover to close it immediately after the sampling procedure to secure a sterile and contamination-free sample. During the construction process we attached great importance to ergonomics. Due to the handle construction and the slightly angled edge the scoop stands horizontal and can be laid down without the material trickling out. The scoops are ideal for sampling of powder, granules and pastes.
  • PS, white.
  • Individually packed, gamma radiation sterilised.
  • Production, assembling and packaging acc. to clean-room class 7 (10,000).
  • Acc. to EU food and FDA guidelines.
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