Universal Thermometer P700

The all-round talent for temperature measurements with Pt 100 sensor over a range of - 200 to + 850 °C and the thermocouple (type J, K, L, N, R, S, T) to + 1760 °C with a resolution of 0,1 °C over the full measuring range. Ideal for quality assurance service and production.

The universally applicable process-controlled hand-held instruments, series P700, are ideal for measuring operations in which high accuracy counts or the possibility of online documentation is demanded.
  • USB interface.
  • Optional DE-Graph Windows Software for graphic and tabular documentation.
  • High measuring accuracy.
  • Integrated calibration function for simple compensationof sensor tolerances.
  • Physical 1-point, 2-point or 3-point calibration function.
  • Measuring channels are freely assignable.
  • Recording max., min., hold and average values.
  • Integrated sensor holder for one hand operation.
  • Mains operation possible.
  • Simultaneous display of two measured values.
  • Differential temperature display.
Technical Data:
Inputs:1-channel, Pt 100, thermocouple: type K, J, L, N, R, S, T
Measuring range:Pt 100 - 200 to + 850 °C
thermocouple acc. to DIN
Accuracy:Pt 100 ± 0.1 °C from - 100 to + 200 °C, 0.1 % remaining range
thermocouple R, S ± 1.0 °C + 0.1 %
thermocouple K, J, L, N, T ± 0.3 °C from 0 to + 200 °C, ± 1.0 °C to 1000 °C, ± 1.5 °C remaining range
Resolution:0.1 °C whole range
Connectors:DIN 8-pole
Working temperature:0 to + 40 °C
Display:2-line LCD
Housing:plastic (ABS)
Dimensions (L x B x H):200 x 93 x 44 mm
Weight:350 g
Power supply:9 V battery
Batterie life:approx. 20 h
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Also available as explosion proof version.