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HERAcell™ VIOS 160 i CO2 Incubators

Advanced incubator design for sensitive cultures like stem and primary cells in leading research, pharmaceutical and clinical applications. Through a holistic approach to culturing, these incubators provide everything necessary for most demanding and highly critical applications.

High-temperature sterilisation with push button simplicity: the Steri-Run™ high temperature sterilisation 180 °C cycle simplifies cleaning and eliminates the need for separate autoclaving of parts. With the push of a button, the simple overnight routine provides fast disinfection of all surfaces in the incubator chamber - fully automatic.
  • Condensation free humidification system: integral covered humidity reservoir maximises relative humidity without condensation.
  • iCAN™ touchscreen interface allows for an intuitive control with complete data visibility.
  • HEPA air filtration for air purity.
  • The THRIVE™ active airflow technology delivers homogeneous growth conditions fast, avoiding unwanted sample variation.
  • Complete contamination control: proven protection from every direction incl. ISO class 5 HEPA filtered air, on-demand high-temperature sterilisation and easy to maintain copper.
  • Designed to focus on convenience.
  • In-chamber fan gently and evenly distributes clean, humidified air throughout the chamber ensuring all cells experience the same conditions without the threat of desiccation.
  • Advanced in-situ sensor technology: probes and gas sensors are positioned in the chamber to respond quickly to any deviations in desired conditions.
  • Dual temperature probes with PID controller provide over temperature protection by preventing overshoot during recovery; temperatures recover under 5 min.
  • Oxygen controlled models are equipped with advanced Zirconium oxide sensors.
  • Interior chamber: electropolished st. steel or 100 % solid copper.
  • Compact foot print, readily stackable.
  • Adjustable, perforated shelving.
  • Easy-to-clean, coved corners with convenient access port.
  • Reversible exterior door for added flexibility.
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty.

IR sensor:
Temperature resistant, bulb-free IR CO2 sensor with MEMS emitter technology: this sensor is ideal for labs looking for the best of both technologies for advanced, high volume or value culturing.
  • Internal auto-calibration eliminates drift due to changes in ambient conditions that can affect traditional IR sensors.
  • IR180Si CO2 measurement not affected by changes in temperature, humidity, oxygen or barometric pressure.
  • Highly responsive with recovery under 5 min from door openings.

TC sensor:
The TC180 offers the performance advantages of traditional IR technologies without the limiting lifespan of a standard incandescent bulb. This sensor is ideal for everyday cell culture applications.
  • Improved stability with internal humidity compensation.
  • CO2 values unaffected by changes in humidity.
  • Economical, long service life.
Technical Data:
Chamber volume:165 l
Exterior chamber:18 gauge, cold-rolled steel, powder coated
Access port:42 mm Ø
Data outputs:remote alarm contacts, USB and optional 4-20 mA
Internal dimensions (W x H x D):470 x 607 x 576 mm
External dimensions (W x H x D):637 x 900 x 880 mm (incl. display)
Operating weight:83 kg (without accessories)
Shelves dimensions (W x H):423 x 465 mm
Number of shelves standard / max.:3 / 10
Max. load per shelf / total load:10 / 30 kg
Temperature range:3 °C above ambient to 55 °C
Cycle temperature:180 °C on all internal surfaces
Humidity reservoir:0.5 to 3 l
Mains supply:230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
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