Nunclon™ Sphera™

Nunc  Nunclon™ Sphera™
Advancing cell culture research.

Optimising spheroid formation
  • The culture surface allows cells to grow in suspension with virtually no cell attachment.
  • The surface supports many different cell types and their ability to generate spheroids; studies show that over time the spheroids grow in volume, indicating that the new surface enables consistent, repeatable cell growth.

Growing 3D cancer cultures
  • Minimises variability and supports the consistent formation of cancer spheroids that simulate the 3D structures of tumor growth, providing a better model system for studying tumor cell progression and efficacy of anticancer agents in vitro.

Promoting formation of embryoid bodies (EB)
  • As an important milestone in the differentiation process, the Nunclon™ Sphera™ surface demonstrates superior quality for embryoid body formation of pluripotent stem cells with min. spontaneous differentiation. The resultant cells are able to differentiate into all three germ layers.
 TypeSurfacePUOrder StockPrice/Unit/EUR 
 Microwell 96U well plate, round bottom, well volume 300 μl 85438040-158.43 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Microwell 96F well plate, flat bottom, well volume 400 μl 85438041-158.43 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Multidish, 24 Kammer1.9 cm275438042-134.06 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Multidish, 12 Kammer3.8 cm275438043-134.06 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Multidish, 6 Kammer9.6 cm275438044-134.06 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Dish, 35 mm8.8 cm2205438045-191.33 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Dish, 60 mm221.5 cm2205438046-224.24 Add product to Shopping Basket
 Dish, 90 mm256.7 cm2205438047-270.55 Add product to Shopping Basket
 T 25 cell culture flask25 cm2185438048-286.39 Add product to Shopping Basket
 T 75 cell culture flask75 cm2245438049-688.56 Add product to Shopping Basket