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Laboratory Refrigerators EX

Spark-free cabinets - reduce risk of internal explosion.

The German guidelines 'Working Safely in Laboratories BG-I 850-0' stipulates that interior spaces must be explosion-protected where hazardous, explosive atmospheres can develop (for example, due to the presence of flammable liquids). The AQUALYTIC® cabinets in the EX range meet the requirements of these guidelines and are fully equipped for daily laboratory use.

The cabinet consist of a sturdy sheet steel housing with impact-proof and jolt-resistant powder coating. Improved, robust, insulated housing and highly efficient components provide max. energy efficiency. The robust interior is made of high-quality, strong white plastic material (PS). The door is lockable and supplied with a right-hand hinge as standard (but can easily be converted to a left-hand hinge). A tight door seal is ensured by an all-round magnetic gasket. The temperature in the refrigerator can be continuously adjusted; a room thermostat ensures constant control. The digital temperature display enables the interior temperature to be easily read. The high performance fan provides for an even temperature distribution inside.

The models EX 220, EX 300 and EX 490 have a 'fan stop' function, which switches the fan off when the door is opened.
  • Spark-free according to BG-I 850-0.
  • Dynamic cooling system.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • Robust materials.
  • Lockable door, changeable door stop.
  • Height adjustment: adjustable front feet.
  • Applications: laboratories, research centres, universities.
Technical Data:
Temperature regulation:continuous 1 to 15 °C
Cooling:powerful compressor unit, mounted on low noise, vibration-free bearings
Defrost:automatic defrost - condensation drains into a collection bowl within the refrigerator
Climate class:EX 160: SN, 10 to 32 °C
EX 220, EX 300, EX 490: SN-T, 10 to 43 °C
Acc. to European directives / regulations:2006/42/EC, 2006/95/EC, 94/9/EC, 2004/108/EC, 2011/65/EU
Power supply:220 to 240 V, 50 Hz

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