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ADS420 Automatic Digital Saccharimeter

The ADS420 saccharimeter is a low cost automatic polarimeter specifically designed for use in busy sugar laboratories and tare houses. Operation is very simple by way of 4 graphically presented push buttons and therefore requires no on-screen language interpretation.

The ADS420 uses an LED light source that requires no maintenance. A single temperature sensor provides the measurement for sugar compensation whilst quartz compensation facilitates accurate verification and calibration using a quartz control plate by accessing the span facility in the setup menu. Latest specification electronics within the instrument allows measurement of samples with low transmittance and should a sample be too dark or has entrapped air; the instrument will display an error message. Results are continually measured and displayed allowing easy assessment of stability.

Although the ADS420 Saccharimeter can measure dark samples of up to 3 OD, for optimum performance it is ideal to remove colour and suspended solids to provide a clear solution or one of less than 2.0 OD.

It is compliant to the min. requirements of ICUMSA for sodium wavelength analysis of clarified sugar cane / beet juice and processed sugar.

Items supplied:
Saccharimeter, 200 mm centre filling tube made of glass and standard lid.
Technical Data:
Range:- 225 to + 225 °Z
Resolution:0.01 °Z
Reproducibility:0.02 °Z
Accuracy:± 0.03 °Z
Interface:1 x RS232
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