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Bellingham + Stanley 

Bellingham + Stanley
RFM300+ Fully Automated, Digital Refractometers

The models feature a flat prism dish, wider refractive index range and Peltier temperature control; making them ideal for use in wet factory environments and the laboratory alike.

Special attention has been paid to the Peltier control system. Samples of different temperature are quickly stabilised and when using the Smart temperature stability mode, results are only shown when both the temperature and reading are within predefined limits. Results are clearly displayed on the instrument screen in a number of scales all accessed by a simple method system, whilst up to 4096 readings may be stored within the instrument memory together with date, time and batch number. With onboard software, which can be configured in a number of different languages.

The T-models provide an innovative design and a very large HD touch display for intuitive control.
Technical Data:
Refractive index:
Sugar (°Brix):

1.32 to 1.58
0 to 100
Presser type:Polyacetal
Reading time:min. 4 s
Measuring temperature range:10 °C below ambient to 70 °C
Temperature sensor accuracy:± 0.03 °C
Sample temperature stability:± 0.05 °C
Temperature compensation
Sucrose (°Brix):
AG fluids:

5 to 70 °C
5 to 40 °C
simple coefficient (units / °C) or polynomial function
Interfaces:1 x parallel (printer), 2 x serial (RS232), 3 x USB, 1 x ethernet
Prism seal:silicon / resin
refractive index
sugar (°Brix)
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