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Piston Pump Heads for rotarus® Pumps

Dispensing with intelligent rotation.

Continuous delivery of accurately dispensed volumes is enabled through the rotation and stroke of the piston at an oblique angle to the drive axis. The exact same volume is conveyed by the piston stroke during each rotation, achieving the same high degree of dispensing precision possible with a piston pump.

The pump head is available with the piston in a variety of materials. Different versions ranging from ceramic to st. steel are available, depending on the medium being dispensed.
Piston housing
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 rotarus® TKF RH00 CKC-LF2.5 to 25PVDF15437845-Login / Registration
rotarus® TKF RH0 CKC5.0 to 50PVDF15437846-Login / Registration
 rotarus® TKF RH0 CTC5.0 to 50ETFE15437847-Login / Registration
 rotarus® TKF RH1 CKC10.0 to 100PVDF15437848-Login / Registration
 rotarus® TKF RH1 CTC10.0 to 100ETFE15437849-Login / Registration
rotarus® TKF QP-Q1 CKC12.8 to 320PVDF15437850-Login / Registration
 rotarus® TKF QP-Q1 CSC12.8 to 320st. steel15437851-Login / Registration
 rotarus® TKF QP-Q2 CKC28.8 to 720PVDF15437852-Login / Registration
 rotarus® TKF QP-Q2 CSC28.8 to 720st. steel15437853-Login / Registration
 rotarus® TKF QP-Q3 CKC51.2 to 1280PVDF15437854-Login / Registration
 rotarus® TKF QP-Q3 CSC51.2 to 1280st. steel15437855-Login / Registration