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rotarus® smart Pumps

Pump drives in the basic segment with two 30 and 40 W class DC motors. They ensure precise delivery in speed ranges from 3 to 350 min-1. The white powder-coated housing conforms to protection class IP 54 and is ideally suited for the use in laboratories. The rotarus® smart can easily be integrated in an existing laboratory environment or production system, thanks to its low space requirement. When necessary, screw-on pump heads can be supplemented by heads available in the rotarus® series.

rotarus® smart 30 rotates quicker and, with an appropriate pump head, is ideal for the delivery of low-viscosity media.

rotarus® smart 40 generates greater performance with slower revolutions. Motor gear reduction is realised with a 2-stage planetary gearbox, thus providing sufficient power for even higher-viscosity media.

The control panel on the housing enables simple and rapid configuration of the most important parameters on both variants; and the speed can be programmed directly on the unit.

Items supplied:
rotarus® smart, external power supply unit, connection cable for EU, UK, US, button interface.
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Piston pump heads for rotarus peristaltic pumps / Hirschmann