Hot Air Gun HG 2220 E

STEINEL®  Hot Air Gun HG 2220 E
Electronically controlled hot air gun with continuously variable temperature control and 2 air delivery stages. HG 2000 E is distinguished by its low weight and slim-line form. This makes it ideal for prolonged, fatigue-free work in inaccessible places.

Low weight, slim-line form, enduring.
  • Higher service life of 750 h.
  • Slim, handy design.
  • Integrated fine particulate air filter for optimal protection of inboard components in dusty environments.
  • Easy and fast change of mains cable.
Technical Data:
Heating:ceramic heating
Motor:brush motor
Temperature range:80 to 630 °C, adjustable in 9 stages
Airflow rate:max. 500 l / min
Stages:2 (airflow rate)
Length of mains cable:3 m
Output:2200 W
Mains supply:220 to 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
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