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RDDA Winner 2013CLEAN! 2014Bundespreis ecodesignGerman Design Award 2015

Microbiological Safety Cabinets CLAIRE® PRO B-3

Microbiological safety cabinets CLAIRE
 Sensor technique
The generation of class II microbiological safety cabinets have been developed for the safe handling of biological substances, where a high personal, product and cross contamination protection is required.
  • Max. ergonomics.
  • Innovative touch display.
  • Sensor technology for detection of unappropriate movements.
  • Max. safety with clear colour coding.
  • Extremely low energy consumption.
  • Low noise level.
  • Non-glare LED lighting.
  • Latest EC technology.
  • Auto-On-Off energy saving function.

Standard equipment:
Stable and ergonomic base frame, sensor technology, Auto-On-Off-energy saving function, 1 power socket 230 V / 50 Hz.
Technical Data:
Construction:DIN 12980; DIN EN 12469; NSF 49
Vibration (RMS) on working surfaces:≤ 5 µm
Material working area:1.5 mm thick st. steel V2A, 1.4301
Material housing:powder-coated 1.5 mm thick zincor steel sheet, 1.0330
Front-, side- and back panel:multi-layer safety glass with UV-ray absorbing PVB interlayer
Protection class:IP 20
Working opening, window wide open:450 mm ± 50 mm
External dimensions (W x D):1972 x 812 mm
Smallest external dimensions (H x D):1972 x 790 mm
Working height:715 to 850 mm
Mains supply:230 V AC
drip tray
Outer dimens­ions
(W x H x D)
(W x H x D)
Usable work-
space (W x D)
No. of
work surfaces
Size of rabbbling hole
(W H)
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Also available as st. steel version for S4-laboratories.
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