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Portable DO Meter (Dissolved Oxygen) Seven2Go Pro™ S9

High-performance expert portable meter (IP67) for measurements of dissolved O2 (DO) and biological O2 demand in the lab, production and in the field.
  • High-resolution multi-functional backlight display.
  • Selectable acoustical and optical status indication / report.
  • Comprehensive GxP support with ISM®, expert- and user-mode.
  • Water-tight micro-USB connection for simple data transfer.
  • Operating menu with 12 selectable languages.
  • Data logger for 2000 data sets.
  • 2-point-calibration, 1 pre-defined standard.
  • Automatic, time interval- or manual data logging.
  • Very easy to use (user-mode).
  • Water- and dustproof (IP67).
Technical Data:
DO measuring range / resolution:0 to 50 mg / l / 0.01 mg / l
Air pressure:500 to 1100 mbar
Temperature measuring range / resolution:0 to 50 °C / 0.1 °C
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 S9-Metermeter, clip, batteries, certificate15437817-Login / Registration
 S9-Standard Kitas S9-Meter, plus sensor InLab® OptiOx, sample vials15437818-Login / Registration
 S9-Field Kitas S9-Standard Kit, plus OptiOx protective cover, field case15437819-Login / Registration
 S9-BOD Kitas S9-Field Kit, plus BOD adapter and manual15437820-Login / Registration