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Rotors for Universal Centrifuges Heraeus™ Multifuge™ X3 / X3 R / X1 / X1 R and Megafuge™ 16 / 16 R / 40 / 40 R

Fixed angle rotor Fiberlite F13-14x50c:
Ideal for pelleting prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells from cell cultures, high 14-place capacity and throughput.

Fixed angle rotor Fiberlite F14-6x250LE:
Ideal for pelleting bacteria or yeast cells and for purifying nucleic acids and cells.

Fixed angle rotor Fiberlite F15-6x100:
For general purpose pelleting of organelles, density gradients and various protocols.

Fixed angle rotor Fiberlite F15-8x50c:
Pellet cells, bacteria, subcellular fractions and small amounts of nucleic acids and viruses in disposable conical tubes.

Fixed angle rotor Fiberlite F21-48x2:
For micro-volume protocols, such as nucleic acid or protein lysate preparation and PCR reaction set-up.

BIOLiner® swing bucket rotor:
High capacity, for 50 ml conical tubes or blood tubes.

BIOShield 720 rotor:
High performance, runs frequently used tubes.

TX-200 / TX-400 swing bucket rotor:
High flexibility, capacity range of 32 to 76 blood tubes and up to 16 conical tubes in a single run.

TX-750 swing bucket rotor:
High flexibility, features round or rectangular buckets as well as microplate carriers.
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 Adapter für Rundbecher250 ml Thermo Scientific Nalgene Oak Ridge Flasche46069129-Login / Registration 
 Adapter für Rundbecher50 ml konisches Röhrchen46341544-Login / Registration 
 Adapter für Rundbecher15 ml konisches Röhrchen46341545-Login / Registration 
 BIOShield 720 Hochgeschwindigkeits-Ausschwingrotor6300 min-1, 7188 x g15425304-Login / Registration
 Adapter für BIOShield 720 Rotor50 ml DIN Rundboden-Röhrchen45436987-Login / Registration 
 Adapter für BIOShield 720 Rotor15 ml konisches Röhrchen46357611-Login / Registration 
 Adapter für BIOShield 720 Rotor1,5 / 2 ml konisches Mikroröhrchen45436795-Login / Registration 
 Fiberlite F15-6x100y Festwinkelrotor15000 min-1, 24652 x g15425299-Login / Registration
 Adapter für F15-6x100y Rotor50 ml konisches Rörchen15426417-Login / Registration 
 Adapter für F15-6x100y Rotor15 ml konisches Rörchen15426416-Login / Registration 
 Adapter für F15-6x100y Rotor1,5 / 2 ml konisches Mikrorörchen15426409-Login / Registration