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Circulation Chiller RC 2 control

Circulation Chiller RC 2 control  IKA®
Circulation Chiller RC 2 control IKA®
High-efficient and temperature-stable circulating chiller with unique wireless controller. Designed for cooling applications down to - 20 °C with powerful 400 W cooling capacity.

The speed-controlled PEEK pump allows an indirect continuous adjustment of the max. pressure and flow rate. Due to its outstanding temperature stability of about ± 0.05 K (at - 10 °C), the RC 2 can handle even the most demanding applications. Via the connection socket for an external Pt100 temperature sensor, it is possible to measure and control temperature directly in the working medium.

With the wireless controller (WiCo), it is possible to operate the RC 2 safely and comfortably independent of the device position. By using the 10 freely programmable temperature ramps with 10 steps each, it is possible to simplify and automate process sequences. The included feed hopper and bleed valve enable the safe and clean handling of the thermofluid. An easy to open front hood allows for convenient cleaning of the air filter. The high-quality insulated 4 l bath reservoir allows the use of up to 2.5 l of thermofluid in the external cooling circle without refilling.
  • Speed-controlled cooling aggregate.
  • Speed-controlled PEEK pump.
  • Wireless controller.
  • Large TFT display with a clear overview of all important process parameters.
  • Connector for external Pt100 temperature sensor.
  • 10 freely programmable temperature ramps with 10 steps each.
  • Timer / counter function.
  • High-quality insulated 4 l bath reservoir (min. 1.5 l).
  • Visual and audible warning signals.
  • USB / RS232 interface for controlling and monitoring devices via labworldsoft® and the online updating of firmware.
  • Internal and external temperature sensor can be calibrated (3 and 2 point calibration).
Temp. accuracy0.05 K
at 20 °C
max. bar
max. l / min
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