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Mono- and Bi-Distillers Made of Glass

  • Excellent distillate quality, conductivity of mono distillate approx. 2.2 µs / cm at 25 °C; conductivity of bi-distillate approx. 1.6 µs / cm at 25 °C.
  • Evaporators, condensers and overflows made of DURAN® / borosilicate glass 3.3. Condensers with dribble guard.
  • Water supply through built-in solenoid valve with connection for water pressure hose ½" (inner Ø 12.7 mm).
  • Required cooling water pressure: 3 to max. 7 bar. After switching on the main switch the solenoid valve opens the water supply.
  • Cooling water outlet with hose connection ½" (inner Ø 12.7 mm). Water that has not been condensed flows off through the cooling water outlet.
  • Energy-saving through distillation of the heated cooling water.
  • Heating element with quartz sheathing.
  • Sterilisation of the condensers by steam.
  • Electronic level control during the whole distillation process.
  • Water level control in the condenser with automatic power cut-off in case of water shortage.
  • Electronic impurity detector induces automatic water change to rinse and clean the evaporator.
  • Degassing of carbon dioxide through a vent on the condenser.
  • Main and function switches as well as pilot lamps for monitoring are on the front of the unit.
  • Distillate withdrawal at the right-hand side of the unit through hose connection.
  • Visible distillation process through easily removable, unbreakable front screen that does not steam up.
  • Housing made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, electrostatically powder-coated with epoxy resin.
  • Power connection through connection cable (models 2202, 2204 and 2302 with German shock-proof Schuko plug).
Mains supply
2202 Mono / 2204 Mono / 2302 Bi:230 V / 50 to 60 Hz
2208 Mono / 2304 Bi:400 V / 3 ph/N/PE / 50 to 60 Hz (three-phase current)
l / h
Cooling water

approx. l / h
Outside dimens­ions
(W x D x H)
PUOrder No.in Stock  
 2202 Mono248650 x 200 x 3901.51619910672-Login / Registration
 2204 Mono496650 x 200 x 3903.01719910673-Login / Registration
 2208 Mono8144650 x 365 x 3906.02419910674-Login / Registration
 2302 Bi296650 x 365 x 3902.92419910675-Login / Registration
 2304 Bi4144650 x 365 x 3905.82419910676-Login / Registration
Tubes for water inlet and outlet can be supplied as accessories.
Other voltages available on request.
Accessories for water stills / GFL