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Immersion Circulator ICC control

Compact immersion thermostats ICC for tempering of liquids up to 150 °C. Suitable to use in open or covered bath vessels. The integrated pressure / suction pump allows ICC to be used for internal and external applications. Just connect the optional pump set. ICC also has an optional cooling coil that allows to work close to ambient temperatures. The ICC thermostat is first in its class with an integrated carrying handle that allows for comfortable transport and safe storage thanks to its clever stand.
  • Optical and acoustic warnings.
  • USB- / RS232 interface to control ICC via software or updating firmware.
  • Optional pump connection set.
  • Integrated pressure / suction pump with infinitely speed control.
  • Adjustable safety circuits.
Technical Data:
Appliance type:compact immersion circulator
Safety class:III (FL)
Heat output:2000 / 1000 W
Temperature range:RT to 150 °C (20 °C with cooling coil*)
Operating temperature range:- 20 to + 150 °C
Bath volume range:depends on used bath
Max. flow rate (at 0 bar):18 l / min
Max. pump pressure:0.3 bar
Min. suction:0.2 bar
Dimensions (W x D x H):151 x 192 x 340 mm
Permissible ambient temperature:5 to 40 °C
Permissible relative moisture:80 %
Protection class acc. to DIN EN 60529:IP 21
The programme function can save and run up to 10 individual procedures with 10 steps. Large TFT display shows all relevant temperatures, pump speed and safety settings.
  • Incl. connection port for external PT100 probe.
  • Packages with lid additionally incl. an external pump connection set, cooling coil and a PT100 probe.
Temperature display:TFT
Temperature stability DIN 12876:± 0,01 K
External Pt100 interface:yes
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 ICC control pro 9 kitwith 9 l st. steel bath54377401Login / Registration-
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 ICC control pro 20 kitwith 20 l st. steel bath54377421Login / Registration-
 ICC control eco 8 c kitwith 8 l plastic bath, cover54377431Login / Registration-
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