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DVGW Certified UV-Systems Series A-TFT Aqua UVtron with Touchscreen Display

For the disinfection of drinking water up to 38 °C incl. selective UV-C control unit certified acc. to DVGW / ÖVGW.

Electro-polished st. steel chamber 1.4404 with st. steel sample taps at the entrance and exit of the system, mounted UV-sensor holder with selective UV-C sensor at 254 nm acc. to DVGW W-294 and Ö-Norm 5873-1, vent and drain plug, build-in turbulator, UV-C amalgam low pressure lamp built in hard quartz sleeve F240.

Microprocessor controlled monitor illuminated, colour graphic touchscreen display TFT for operating and visualisation of all measured parameters such as UV-C intensity in W / m2, temperature, flow rate and the optionally connectable i:scan probe for tubidity measurements in FNU and / or SSK 254 nm, as well as adjusted UV-C dosage in J / m2 for a stepless power control of the electronic ballast, depending on the UV-C transmission and flow rate. Data logger for recording all measured values, operating states and alarm messages. Remote control via ethernet LAN or UMTS connection possible. Signal contacts for pre-alarm and failure, 4 to 20 mA signal output proportional to the measured UV-C intensity, external approval ON / OFF, relay output contacts for the control of a flush valve depending on the water temperature (cooling).
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 A27-TFT Aqua UVtron2.355hydraulic connection R 1" AG236 x 244 x 92515437721-on demand
 A46-TFT Aqua UVtron3.780hydraulic connection R 1 ¾" AG261 x 269 x 53315437718-on demand
 A90-TFT Aqua UVtron9.0150hydraulic connection R 1 ½" AG261 x 269 x 94215437719-on demand
 A180-TFT Aqua UVtron17.5230hydraulic connection DN 65360 x 295 x 119815437720-on demand