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Low Retention Tips

The low retention tips of Sartorius have an extremely even and durable hydrophobic surface. This feature helps to maximise the sample recovery, when handling detergent containing or other liquids with low surface tension.

Better reproducibility in pipetting is especially beneficial in sensitive molecular biology applications, where reagents often contain detergents, for example in: PCR, real-time PCR, cloning, sequencing and other DNA and RNA techniques, SDS-PAGE and other protein analysis methods and protein purification techniques.
  • Very smooth and resistant, hydrophobic surface.
  • Certified free from DNA, RNase, ATP and endotoxin.
  • Ergonomic and easy inserting and ejecting of the tips due to the compability with the Optiload function of the Sartorius pipettes.
  • Environmentally friendly materials are used with the tips, carriers and racks; 100 % recyclable.
  • Autoclavable tip racks (121 ºC, 20 min) with refill- or bulk tips.
  • Simple fit with Sartorius pipettes due to corresponding colour code.
  • Improved tip identification and retraceability thanks to informative rack labels, stating the tip volume, product number, batch number and degree of purity.
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