Magnetic Stirrer MIXdrive 1 XL

Ultra flat, compact and strong magnetic stirrer with fully automatic stirring bar monitoring mixWATCH, up to 40 l stirring volume, also suitable for highly viscous media, temperature resistant up to + 150 °C, very strong magnetic coupling by SmCo-magnets, therefore predestined for magnetic power transmission over wide distances or for thick vessel bottoms.

Maintenance-free 2mag-motor-drive with large speed range from 60 to 2000 min-1. Designed for use in ovens, extremely robust construction and performance, easy to clean and firm.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Developed and made in Germany.
Technical Data:
Stirring point:1
Stirring volume / point:1 to 40 l
Max. stirring power:20 W
Material housing:st. steel
Permitted operation conditions:5 up to 150 °C (at 95 % humidity)
Operating voltage:48 VDC
Protection category:IP66
(W x D x H)
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Please order control unit separately.
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