Anton Paar
Stabinger Viscosimeter SVM 3000

Anton Paar  Stabinger Viscosimeter SVM 3000
Anton Paar  Stabinger Viscosimeter SVM 3000Anton Paar  Stabinger Viscosimeter SVM 3000    
The SVM 3000 viscometer is a rotational viscometer with a cylinder geometry and works acc. to the Stabinger measuring principle. It is based on a modified Couette principle with a rapidly rotating outer tube and an inner measuring bob which rotates more slowly.

From only 2.5 ml of sample it determines dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity and density, i. e. of lubricating oil, used oil, transformer oil, crude oil, heating oil, vegetable oil or vaseline.
  • Compact, lightweight benchtop device.
  • Small measuring bob, small sample volume.
  • Insensitive to vibratio, allows extremely quick temperature changes (Peltier) and very short equilibrium times.
  • Acc. to ASTM D7042, ASTM D2270 / ISO 2909.
  • The full metal housing protects against damage and prevents liquid entering the instrument.
  • Also well-protected against electromagnetic influences; can be used in the lab and in industrial environments.
  • Integrated density measuring cell: density measurement does not have to be carried out separately, capillary changes are no longer necessary.
  • Rapid, flexible thermostatting is guaranteed.
  • Heating rates up to 15 °C / min, cooling rates up to 10 °C / min: allows enormous flexibility when choosing the measuring temperature.
  • The firmware 3, with density predetermination and the new 'ultra-fast' measuring mode, measures up to 30 samples / h.
  • 3 measurement values in one instrument: dynamic viscosity [mPa.s], density of the sample, kinematic viscosity [mm2 / s].
  • Temperature scan: the programmes 'temperature table scan' and 'temperature range scan' automatically display the temperature-dependent behaviour of the sample viscosity in freely selectable measuring points.
Technical Data:
Measuring range
Dynamic viscosity:0.2 to 20 mPa.s
Density:0.65 to 3 g / cm3
Temperature:- 56 to + 105 °C
Required sample volume:2.5 ml
Min. solvent consumption:2.5 ml
Typical solvent consumption:10 ml
Volume of the solvent bottles:2 x 0.5 l
Max. filling viscosity:2000 mPa.s
Weight net:15 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):440 x 315 x 220 mm
Ambient conditions:15 to 35 °C, max. 80 % r. F. below 31 °C, 67 % at 35 °C
Data memory / modes:384 data sets / 10 programmable modes
Interfaces:Dual RS232, AT keyboard
Mains supply (sinusoidal current):100 to 240 V ~, 50 to 60 Hz, 75 VA max.
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