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IBC Discharge Valves

The IBC discharge valve is a sturdy, high-quality ball valve with a hose connection and connection adapter incl. seal, for standard thread S 60x6 external or 2" internal, designed to fit all commonly used European IBC containers. With the appropriate thread, the discharge valve can also be screwed directly onto the original discharge valve that is already on the IBC tank if the original valve is leaking or faulty. In this way the IBC discharge valve ensures fast and reliable residual emptying of the container with good dosing.

The discharge valve is an indispensable accessory to ensure a professional connection of the hose or for filling from your IBC container.
  • 1" flow.
  • Suitable for connection threads S 60x6 external or 2" internal.
  • Discharge valve and PP fibreglass-reinforced sealing cap, ball, adapter and PP hose connection.
  • Max. operating pressure 10 bar (at + 20 °C).
  • Max. operating temperature 80 °C.

IBC discharge valve with angle discharge:
With 90° hose nozzle and sealing cap. The hose can also be closed with the enclosed sealing cap. Hose nozzle external Ø 30 mm, suitable for flexible hoses.

IBC discharge valve with hose screw connection:
The hose screw connection allows you to attach a wide range of hoses quickly, easily and reliably. No additional hose clamp is needed. Hose fitting, external Ø 25 mm.
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