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Demineralising Systems DS 450 / DS 750

These systems have been specifically developed to fulfill the requirements of doctorás practices and small laboratories. They supply a daily volume of up to 15 l of high-quality demineralised water. The further parts of the systems are an analogue conductivity meter, a wall mount (only DS 450) for convenient positioning and a set of hoses. All stakpure ion-exchange systems conform to current standards such as DIN EN 13060, ASTM and VDE 0510.
Technical Data:
Pure water quality:0.1 to 20 µS / cm
Connectors:R ¾" male thread
Mains supply:230 V / 50 to 60 Hz
 DescriptionFlow rate
l / h
Ø x H
CapacityPUOrder No.in Stock 
 Demineralising system DS 450, disposable system50100 x 600425 l15437711-Login / Registration
Demineralising system DS 750, regenerable100175 x 470750 l15439571-Login / Registration
 Replacement cartridges DS 450, pack of 2---25437712-Login / Registration
 Replacement cartridge DS 750---15439572-Login / Registration
 Wall-mounting for DS 750---15439573-Login / Registration
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