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GHS Labelling of Dangerous Substances, Roll

The GHS / CLP regulation is - like REACH - part of the new European policy on chemicals. To implement the existing level on the 'new' standard long transition periods have intentionally been chosen in order to enable a conjointly and synchronised implementation for all am participants in the process.

Deadlines for the implementation acc. to the GHS / CLP regulation
  • Old labelling allowed until 01.12.2010 (stock + 2 years).
  • New labelling allowed from 20.01.2009; mandatory from 01.12.2010.

  • Old labelling allowed until 01.06.2015 (stock + 2 years).
  • New labelling allowed from 20.01.2009; mandatory from 01.06.2015.

Important alterations
  • New pictographs, red framed rhombs with black symbol.
  • Either the signal word ('Achtung' or 'Gefahr') must be used per labeling.
Technical Data:
2.6 x 2.6 cm
of 500 pcs.
Quality:self-adhesive PE film
Symbol:Effect example:
GHS01 exploding bomb:Explosion by fire, impact, friction, heating; fire hazard, air pressure hazard, splint hazard.
GHS02 flame:Flammable; liquids develop explosible mixtures together with air or flammable gas in combination with water or are self-combustible.
GHS03 flame over circle:Have a oxidising effect and contribute to fire. Explosive mixtures develop if they are mixed with flammable substances.
GHS04 gas cylinder:Gas bottles under pressure can explode during heating, cryogenic gases generate cryogenic burns.
GHS05 corrosion:Destroy metals and burn body tissue; risk of serious damage to eyes.
GHS06 skull and crossbones:Small amounts immediately cause serious damages to health or result in death.
GHS07 exclamation mark:Cause damages to health, irritate eyes, skin or respiratory organs. Result in death when consumed in larger quantities.
GHS08 danger to health:Have an allergenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic (reprotoxic) or organ-damaging effect.
GHS09 environment:Harmful to aquatic organisms, toxic or very toxic, acute or with long-term effect.
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GHS02 flame54376481Login / Registration-
GHS03 flame over circle54376491Login / Registration-
GHS04 gas cylinder54376501Login / Registration-
GHS05 corrosion54376511Login / Registration-
GHS06 skull and crossbones54376521Login / Registration-
GHS07 exclamation mark54376531Login / Registration-
GHS08 danger to health54376541Login / Registration-
GHS09 environment54376551Login / Registration-
Dispenser for GHS hazard symbols, roll / Kroschke