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CO2 Incubator MCO-80IC

Thanks to advanced technologies, Panasonic incubators provide the most stable cell culture environments possible, together with outstanding control over internal conditions. Panasonic understands the need of high levels of reliability and control when working with incubators. Users can fully rely on the devices and thus trust their research results.
Ideally suited for the cultivation of large quantities of patient samples, to implement short-term studies and for works with large-volume cell culture devices. The MCO-80IC contains progressive incubator technologies such as the InCu saFe® interior, UV decontamination and a contactless infrared CO2 sensor with P.I.D. monitoring for a good working performance as well as the anti-contamination control. Additionally, the incubator provides an extremely low CO2 consumption for an economic operation.
  • Superior CO2- and temperature control.
  • Horizontal laminar air flow system.
  • With a cross over, horizontal air flow system, which provides an optimum temperature equalisation within the incubator and ensures a rapid recreation after the door was opened. Air-conditioned air is evenly distributed in the incubator due to perforated side air spaces, made of the InCu saFe® copper high-grade steel alloy The horizontal air flow provides an even air circulation. Temperature stability during sample placement is preserved.
  • P.I.D. temperature control.
  • Limited temperature variation down to ± 0.1 °C.
  • Precise control and quick CO2 regeneration characteristics.
  • CO2 incubator with flexible shelf system.
  • Offers space for rolling systems, 5 x 7 bottles (needs an optional assembly ramp kit).
  • Full visibility: double-glazed glass door allows for a precise observation of cultivated samples.
  • LED digital large screen display and keyboard for better visibility and ease of setting.
  • Preventing contamination control.
  • Interior, air deflector panels and shelves are made of germ-killing InCu saFe® (copper high-grade steel alloy).
  • Heated glass door and door frame heating prevent condensing.
  • Optional UV sterilisation system for humidity reservoir.
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