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Vertical Laminar Flow Benches Telstar® V-30/70

Vertical laminar flow benches deliver an ultra clean laminar airflow over a working bench to protect manipulated products from dust, from environment contamination and from cross-contamination in the working area. They are an ideal solution for the handling of non-hazardous biological samples (cell and tissue culture) as well as for optics and electronics.

Telstar® offers 2 series of vertical laminar flow benches: V-100 series and the V-30/70 series with air recirculation.

70 % of the air is recirculated thus minimising filter clogging and the other 30 % are expelled through a HEPA H 14 at top of the unit. All models are supplied with working area CLASS 10 as defined by U.S. Fed . Std. 209 a S.S . 5295.
  • Cabinet frame is made of stove-enamel coated steel.
  • Minimised width and height are compatible with all laboratory doors and dimensions.
  • Easy access to main filter from the chamber, for replacement.
  • Removable tempered glass chamber sides.
  • Pivoting front window with gas springs to maintain it in open position for the introduction of large items and for easy cleaning of chamber and of window.
  • St. steel divided working tray.
  • Electric socket 230 V at the rear of the chamber.
  • Equipped with an intuitive electronic control system which offers fast and complete control over all cabinet functions.
Technical Data:
Noise level:< 60 dB (A)
Filters:efficiency > 99.999 % (DOP) Class 10
Fans:centrifugal high efficiency with speed control
Mains supply:230 V, 50 Hz
As in V-100 series, air flows down to the bench through a H14 HEPA filter and an additional air flows enters from the front to create an air barrier which brings protection to operator and to lab environment.
Exhaust flow

290 m3 / h
360 m3 / h
380 m3 / h
500 m3 / h
(W x D x H)
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
Flow /
air speed
m3 / h
level max.
dB (A)
PUOrder No.in Stock 
 PV-30/70802 x 845 x 1290772 x 610 x 700620 / 0.40110065015437092-on demand
 AV-30/701260 x 845 x 14501230 x 610 x 7001010 / 0.401.515065015437093-on demand
 BV-30/701565 x 845 x 14501535 x 610 x 7001100 / 0.351.517080015437094-on demand
 CV-30/701870 x 845 x 14501840 x 610 x 7001335 / 0.351.920580015437095-on demand